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Green Eco Harvesting (GEH)
identify water as our most valuable asset in our daily lives. Singapore has an average annual rainfall of about 2344mm, with no distinct wet or dry season throughout the year. With this abundance rainfall available, we believe that our Rainwater Harvesting solutions are able to effectively reduce the demand from main potable water source and use it on non-potable applications like irrigation, toilet flushing, general cleaning and cooling tower. Using integrated solutions by combining Rainwater Harvesting and Storm water management system together will allow our rainwater harvesting system to act as a detention and retention system, effectively tackling surface water drainage problems during heavy rainfall condition.


The Eco-Friendly Rainwater Harvesting system serving as an alternative sustainable solution for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications to reduce the reliance of potable water supply from National Water Tap. This will help to protect the environment by reducing the energy and resources consumed during the production of clean potable water. (E.g. NE Water and Desalination)

Storm water management solution emphasize on the quality of site water runoff and not just the quantity.


We identify the importance of water conservation as a key for long term environmental sustainability solution. We commit to play our part in water conservation and environment protection for a cleaner and greener future.
“Harvest rainwater and use water in an environmentally responsible manner.”


At GEH, we strive to conduct our business in a manner that is protective of the environment and compatible with the environmental and economic needs of the communities.

Generate awareness for water conservation and long term sustainability.
Establish environmentally protective measures and integrate in our daily life.
Harvesting clean and renewable resource without compromising the quality of life for future generation.




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