Launching of GEH website

In GEH, our wide range of services and products available are able to offer you the complete Rainwater harvesting and Storm water solution for different applications and needs.

Over services and products are suitable for residential, industrial or commercial applications:

  Design & Consultancy, supply & Install, Maintenance of rainwater harvesting and storm water management system.
  Providing Rainwater harvesting, septic and portable water underground tanks made from recycled Polyethylene and designed for fast installation on site.
  Providing Pumps and control systems package for rainwater harvesting.
  Providing High quality self-cleaning Filter system for Rainwater and Storm management system.
  Modern and Stylish line of rainwater harvesting tanks and barrels available with fast connection filter with downpipe to harvest rainwater.
  Surface water drainage product - Storm water tunnels, infiltration shaft and rainwater retention/detention system.

  Logistic Advantages of the Graf Rainwater tank
  With the unique two half shells design of Carat S tank which can be stack on top of each other, allowing multiple tanks tobe stacked on a single pallet for shipping.

This allows a standard 40 ft shipping container to house a total volume of up to 130,000 litres.

This stalkable feature directly reduce transport costs and environment impact from vehicle emmissions, whilst allowing shipments to any destination in the world.

Save up to 80% when transporting and storing the tanks.

“GO GREEN! Lesser carbon foot print with reduced vehicle emmission!”


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